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Joerg Moeller
July 10
very easy
very quickly recharge and very easy to use
Somsak kajeejit
July 8
I'm satisfied with your service.
I'm satisfied with your service. Thanks
Alfred Cronk
July 5
Excellent service
Good service, fast minutes adds.
Steven Bennett
July 5
Used a number of times to top up Thai…
Used a number of times to top up Thai phones from the UK works perfectly
Siriwan Cummings
July 4
So far
So far, I have no problem with the phone call and payment. No complaint.
Frank Abbett
July 2
Excellent serice
Excellent serice
Orjan Carlman
June 29
Fast & excellent service
A bit high fee, but a excellent service for charge thaiphone abroad, money come in a second, works great
Joy Meyer
June 27
Good service
Smithipatt X Khumpraphan
June 25
The service is reliable and efficient.
The service is reliable and efficient.
Tharp Chowadee
June 22
Never fail me
Never fail me, clear voice and the best part is never expire. I only use Call Muang Thai service when i am in the US a few months a year, every year. I only add more credit into my account and use it, no headache. Thanks,
Ki Choi
June 17
I have used if for last 5 years and…
I have used if for last 5 years and very satisfied
Atcharaphon Kompeemay
June 10
I love it and I tell alot of my friend to usd the same at I usd
I love call muang thai when I buy it never expired and I can add money that much at I
May 29
Reasonable rate & Clear voice quality
Reasonable rate. Connectable 90+% of the time. Very few dropped calls. Clear voice quality. PIN-less setup is helpful.
Alyse Kasethiran
May 28
Best Calling Card
Easy to connect and good signal in good rate.
Richard Holden
May 28
Price for calls is very reasonable and…
Price for calls is very reasonable and it takes very little effort to buy more minutes whenever they are needed.
May 20
You are the best.
You are the best.
Gary Frost
May 5
Flawless Service
The service has worked flawlessly for calling Thailand nearly daily and is less costly than extra T-Mobile fee of $10 a month!
Richard Hoover
May 5
This service a great place for family contact
This service is the best I have found, you can count on this service each and every time. It is a one stop calling need for contacting your family in Thailand. Thank you so much for your great service and customer service.
Karthik Keyan
May 2
Would appreciate if processing fee…
Would appreciate if processing fee reduces a little and promotion and offers are increased....
Frank Abbett
April 29
Great service.
Great service.